The Buddha did not prescribe vegetarianism but lived true to the promise of not taking life. If an animal is killed for it to be eaten, one should refrain from eating it.
# 1

With wise reflection I eat this food, not for play, not for intoxication, not for fattening, not for beautification.
Merely to maintain this body, to stay alive and healthy and to support the spiritual way of life.
Thus I let go of unpleasant feelings and do not stir up new ones.
Thereby the process of life goes on, blameless, at ease and in peace.
# 2

These things are natural elements, endlessly concocted by nature.
These things, Alms food and its consumer, are not personal or individual lives, are void of all ego or self.
Originally, there was nothing disgusting about this Alms food.
But once it mingles with this decaying body
It becomes rather revolting also.
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