The first thing of all is get out your front door, adventure is waiting, you know.
You won’t feel prepared but please don’t be scared; just take a deep breath and then go.
Now, don’t go too fast, don’t miss all the best parts; the highway is no place for fun.

But don’t go too slow because then you won’t know all the things to be seen and be done.
If things seem though and you’ve had enough, it’s a sign you are just doing some growing.

Then make your own path and remember to laugh; it’s to not know where you are going.
When you’ve got no place to go and you doubt what the road has to give, 
know that home isn’t always the place you were born. 
It’s the place you were born to live.
Tegan wrote this poem when she cycled through Africa with her family.
Oh and: Tegan is also the creator of UNCLIPPED ADVENTURE COMICS and an inspirational story teller. 
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